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Yoga My Energy Workshops are 60 – 120 minute intensives covering a large variety of topics towards your health and wellness.  There is always something to learn.  Join in the discoveries.  View available workshops below.

Types of Meditation

Four tips for enhancing your meditation Practice. The positive effects meditation has on physical health, emotional well-being and high performance is incredible for everyone.

Types of breathing in yoga and their benefits

Breath is essential to life. It is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we leave. In this workshop will explain the mechanics of breathings, explaining the difference between shallow versus Diaphragmatic breathing. Emphasis on conscious breathing and deep breathing.

Most common types of yoga practicing today and their benefits

There are many types of yoga today and all have their own benefits. This workshop will go through the most common types that are used today and with their benefits.

Yoga poses and their benefits

This workshop will go over the most common poses that are practiced today and explain their benefits to the body, mind and spirit.

How to reverse negative thinking patterns and stay positive

Your eyes that you view the world is predominately determined by your thoughts. Are you more positive than negative? This workshop will explain the common thinking patterns and how to stay positive.

How to develop gratitude

Mind is the one that hold you back, this workshop will explain how the gratitude awareness and positive thinking are interconnected. How to be appreciative for as little thing that is offered to us.

Proper Yoga Poses alignment

This workshop will be going through a series of poses that will illustrate the proper forms and their benefits from standing, forward bend, hip openers, yoga stabilizer, backbend to Inversion and twisting.

How to do hip Openers

This workshop will focus on how to relax, stretch and strengthen the hip by practicing proper yoga poses.


  • Mary has the best way of teaching Pranayama yoga; connecting with the life-force, engaging with the heart, breath and mind together. What an experience!
  • The most informative, detailed, systematic and energizing yoga practice I have ever attended, with Mary teaching.
  • Mary's style uses the traditional yoga systems which start with great meditation and relaxation and move into more challenging poses that will leave you fulfilled, energized and at peace
  • I came unable to bend, fold, or sit still. Being in Mary's classes has brought me the flexibility, calmness, and ease into my movement and life.
  • Mary's Yin classes are the most healing, relaxing, energizing! She uses yoga therapy and props that include tennis balls to heal the body. Thank you Mary!